Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grandparents and Gifts

Since both sets of my grandparents have been divorced and some have since settled down with new people, I have a LOT of grandparents and boy am I thankful for them!  I was a little late finding out that it's Grandparent's Day (and most of my grandparents aren't exactly local) so I gathered some things I had at home to take to my Grandma.  That ended up including a couple dozen eggs, several tomatoes, and one can each of salsa, sauerkraut and dilly beans.  She was tickled with her gift and our visit and, well, that makes me smile :)

Speaking of gifts and grandparents, I have gotten some of the most thoughtful gifts in the last week for no special occasion but to say "I'm thinking of you."  

My Granny Carol dropped some old pamphlets and things in the mail (she knows just what I like!) with a sweet note, and then a few days later left a few books for me at my mom's house.  Lots of fun kitchen reading and new recipe trying in in store for this week!

I went to visit my other Grandma and she sent me home with a mini version of her huge pickle holder/strainer just because.

And then both on the same day, my mother in law sent home a jar of vegetable soup (a recipe I wanted to can but was just too lazy) and her sister sent a serving bowl she found at a yard sale and thought I'd like.

And Paw Paw Fuzzy sent me home with two huge boxes of his mother's canning jars!  I think my family has to be the most thoughtful and giving bunch on the planet and I am oh so thankful for them.

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