Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meeting Leo

My baby Annabelle had her baby this week.  Meet Leo!  He got off to a very rough start, but is showing progress little by little.  My sister chose his name and while it isn't my favorite, her reasoning fit. Leo means lion, and this little guy needed a strong name .  When we arrived at the farm today to meet Leo for the first time, he was sprawled out on his side and appeared lifeless. It was a heartbreaking sight.  Though my farmer had tried and tried to get him to suckle and stand, it had made no difference. I always tell him that a little lovin' and a reason to live can make a huge difference in the life of a suffering animal, but he always dismisses me as a crazed animal lover. Well, this little 30 lb. fella is living proof!  Not 30 minutes after some neck scratches and forehead kisses, this little guy  not only stood up, but started (wobbly) chasing my sister across the lawn and head butting/sucking on anyone he could catch! My hope is that little Leo will soon be well enough to be reunited with his Mama. As we prepare to build a fence and put a gate on the shed to house these two sweeties, my dream of having a family milk cow seems closer than ever!  Without further ado, little Leo!
I just love it when he wrinkles his sweet little nose!

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