Monday, November 10, 2014

Craigslist Find of the Year: Dress Form

My quest to find a dress form began not long after I joined Ravelry back in 2011 when I started seeing so many gorgeous project photos using them.  I had only a few stipulations... she had to be:

  1. Affordable
  2. Pretty, duh
  3. Close to my size
  4. NOT adjustable
  5. With a wire bottom
Since I started watching, it seems like every dress form I came across was either new/adjustable or wayyy out of my price range.  I was so excited when a quick Craigslist search turned up this one.  I just knew that she had already been sold since the asking price was $65 and it was listed two months ago, but to my surprise she was still available despite a lot of interest.  My husband and I made the nearly-2-hour drive on Sunday afternoon and I snatched this baby up for less than the asking price within 24 hours of finding the listing.  Her measurements are almost identical to mine, so I'm excited to use her for my newly found sewing hobby.   Now I find myself wondering what her story is... was she in a store window or a workshop?  Where was it located?  In what years?  What kind of clothing did she model? How did she end up in that little town called Penhook?  All I know is that the wife of a man from upstate NY bought her for no apparent reason during their time together and she somehow ended up here in VA.  I'm in love.


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